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Great Satan Inc is noting that the Bureau of Land Management is putting up warning signs about traveling, hiking, or camping in areas close to the border. This is scary:

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu recently stated that Mexican drug cartels now control parts of Arizona .  It won’t be much longer until they control the Phoenix Metro area, unless our politicians get it in gear and start reclaiming the land that they have already surrendered to drug and human smugglers.

This is a foreign concept for this Pennsylvanian, since the only international border we have in our state is a small maritime border with Canada. This problem isn’t new in our country’s history. Dave Hardy a few weeks ago noted some of Auto Ordinances early marketing touting the Thompson submachine gun as great for defending against border raiders. But we have to face these problems with the same resolve now as we did back then. It’s a shame we can’t reanimate John J. Pershing. We’d get this mess cleared up in no time.

I would say if the Mexican Cartels are seriously controlling parts of Arizona, it’s time for Brewer to mobilize the National Guard and take them back. That’s a situation that can’t be allowed to stand.

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  1. I’m a bit puzzled about the Pinal County Sheriff providing the interview. His county is in the southern-middle of the state. It doesn’t border Mexico at all. In fact, it’s not all that close. The danger zone is on the border itself.

    That said, it’s pathetic that we refuse to attempt to make this area safe. And it provides a nice gateway to the interior of the state.

    I’ve noticed that Pinal’s new sheriff has been on a few national news clips. He still has a long way to go before rivaling Sheriff Joe for facetime.

  2. Babeu recently had a Deputy shot 30 miles South of Phoenix, in the same area that the BLM erected signs, between Casa Grande and Gila Bend. Two other people were killed there last week. The danger zone has moved up to the border of Phoenix.

    Babeu’s getting camera time because of the shooting, support of SB1070, the smuggling problem in the I-8 corridor, and his endorsement of McCain (Sheriff Joe endorsed Hayworth).

  3. I am sure that bringing out a couple of thousand National Guard to patrol the border will resolve the issue. The Mexican government has their army patrolling their entire country. That has eliminated their drug cartel violence problem hasn’t it?

    Drug prohibition needs to be repealed. Prohibiting drugs causes a black market.

  4. I don’t disagree, but one of those solutions is more politically tenable than the other. It would be nice to repeal the drug laws, but until then I’m in favor of dealing with the symptoms.

    And one reason the Mexican Army does pretty poorly against the drug dealers is because a significant part of the drug dealers are, or were the Mexican Army. We don’t have the rampant corruption and morale problems they do. I think our boys would take care of business a lot more effectively.

  5. They won’t put in the National Gaurd. We tried that. McCain asked for 6,000 troops, we got 1,600. To small a number to do anything. I would think another option is a civilian force made up by state citizens. Make a new militia type thing. Give them the training and have them deal with the cartlels.

    At the rate and the way the federal government react its like were literally giving that land back to Mexico.

  6. The National Guard can be called to active duty with the Regular Army. The governor should call up the state militia. Since Airzona nor any other state has one, one would have to be started from scratch.

  7. When liberals whine about the 2nd amendment being only for outdated militias, we should reply with this, proof of the need in the 21st century for just that.
    Ditto on the National Guard taking care of business pretty quickly. Get ’em out of Iraq and start kickin’ drug lords out of our country.

  8. Not only did he have a Deputy shot and injured recently ( , but two more men were murdered in the very same area since then ( This happened not far out of the Phoenix city limits, in fact it happened outside of Casa Grande, which is considered the edge of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Also, this area is considered to be a known human and drug smuggling stopping point. Meanwhile, Sherrif Joe Arpaio is quite busy raiding local establishments like Burlington Coat Factory and catching a grand total of… 3 people, who were working at the mall ( Our tax dollars at work…

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