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As updated on, there have been a few members dropping out of the Bloomberg coalition over recent days. Specifically, two mayors in Pennsylvania have removed themselves from the coalition and another member passed away in recent days. While it would have been nice to change the mind of the mayor of State College who recently passed due to complications from surgery, we can at least celebrate the opening of minds of the mayors of Ulysses and Summit Hill.

View Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors in Pennsylvania in a larger map

Non-Pennsylvania losses also include:
Mayor Jerry Taylor of Boynton, FL
Mayor Linda Riner-Mizell of Dundee, FL
Mayor Mark Hawke of Gardner, MA
Mayor A.J. Holloway of Biloxi, MS
Mayor Jim Bouley of Concord, NH (New Hampshire’s only mayor on the list!)
Mayor Dale Strasser of Brunswick, OH
Mayor Kathy Taylor of Tulsa, OK
Mayor Thomas M. Taylor of Franklin, WI
Mayor James Schmitt of Green Bay, WI
Mayor Dave Ross of Superior, WI

5 thoughts on “More Mayor Updates”

  1. In Illinois, they had listed Palatine mayor Mullins as a member. She was defeated in the last election and has been removed from the list.

    Two otherlisted mayors, Waukegan and Evanston, are not current but no info as to whether the new mayors support MAIG or not.

  2. It’s probably safe to say they haven’t signed up if their predecessors are still listed.

    They are absolutely terrible about updating their website. I actually found one town in PA they got wrong. I figured the mayor was defeated until I actually searched his name and found he represented a completely different city.

  3. With Ulysses off the list that clears up my area here in PA. Ulysses wasn’t in my county but close enough.

  4. You could always call and say thank you, that as future residents, you took notice and appreciate his change of heart. :)

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