I Warned CSGV

I warned the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence that they didn’t want to go down the road of picking on bloggers by releasing their personal information, but they decided instead to extend a great big middle finger to the community. I’m guessing now they see what I mean, thanks to the efforts of Linoge, who has delivered a victory so sweet, I’m scheduling the root canal now. It gets even better:

I’d like to think that after this we can all be adults here. A bit of new media advice for Ladd Everitt and the other folks at Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: the best way to be left alone is to ignore your tormenters. But you could not help it, could you? You were drawn to lash out like moths to the flame. You might have thought that the harder you squeezed, the more crazy would ooze out, but it’s been pretty apparent that’s a two way street. And let’s face it, CSGV, your people are way more outside the mainstream than ours. That’s why we win, and you’re reduced to picking on bloggers and getting your Twitter account suspended for crossing the line.

UPDATE: More following:

I’m pretty sure the only firepower Linoge needed for that one was “Send” and the only army was himself. In case you are wondering what Dylan is talking about, since CSGV deleted he context, you can see for yourself here. He is rationally explaining that Twitter vets any complaints. Obviously CSGV deleted it, because the last thing we want is rational discourse in the gun control movement, and for their supporters to see they were in the wrong by crossing the line.

Joan, however, is quite correct, however, that we’ll stop at nothing. This is true. We think the Bill of Rights is that important. We see our opponents for the petulant busybodies, intent in destroying it, that they are. We are relentless. Don’t forget it. I am here to tell CSGV, Joan and their supporters that your nightmare is true. We’re going to hammer gun control on the anvil of relentless legislative strategy. We’re going to beat gun control into submission.

On the heels of an important vote in Texas on campus carry, CSGV will instead of have to spend time groveling before the Twitter gods for forgiveness because they have no conception of how to handle this issue professionally. They were goaded by rank amateurs into themselves acting like rank amateurs, and paid the price by crossing the line. I will, perhaps, pour a little more salt on the wound by suggesting that Everitt and CSGV have much they could learn about handling the issue professionally from the Brady Campaign. Even Sugarmann knows better than this.

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  1. Why, I ask, would Twitter suspend their account if Linoge was lying to them? Wouldn’t Linoge be suspended instead?

  2. Huh. Thanks for salvaging that comment by Dylan… I was trying to figure out what he was talking about this morning, and it suddenly all makes sense… and is not at all surprising that the CSGV could not tolerate such a reasonable, rational comment on their little hate-fest thread.

    For those who are curious what I actually said to Twitter, I have updated the original post with a screencap of the email – you will note that I did not ask for CSGV to be banned/suspended, I did not say anything demonstrably “false”, and I did not complain about “confidential” information. As usual, the CSGV has to lie to make their point.

    As far as I am concerned, this situation is over. They broke the rules, they got punished, end of story. I have likewise filed a harassment complaint with Facebook, but they do not seem to care a whole lot. But, at this point, it would be far better for the CSGV to accept their loses and go home with whatever grace they might have left…

  3. Don’t know if you guys were aware of this, but they were also banned from Wikipedia because they were going in and removing information about them that they didnt want known and for also being threatening towards other users. Ladd was also caught logging in with a different login after hecwas asked to stop. You can see the whole chain of communication here…it’s a pretty humorous read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Coalition_to_Stop_Gun_Violence

  4. CSGV:The Harder you squeeze, the more crazy that oozes out.

    Quote of the week!

  5. BTW…Everyone needs to report them to Facebook as well. They are going after Linoge even more there now. That group is so full of hatred it’s scary. It’s laughable to me that they call pro 2A people violent and full of hate.

  6. 11:10 a.m., Thursday: Are they still on facebook? I can’t find them. Is it possible that facebook has booted them for now also?

  7. You mention the Brady Campaign, well, it seems Oleg Volk had to file DMCA notices on the Bradys for content they posted on Facebook. See here:


    From the post:
    “Had to file two DMCA take-down notices on Brady Campaign today. They used two of my photos without permission and with libelous statements attached. Not very surprising…”

  8. Facebook seems so much like Bre’r Rabbit’s Tar Baby – going there sucks you into its world of pig-wrestling. I can’t give them the exercise.

  9. Those guys sure are “scared” a lot.

    Maybe they should work on the emotional issues first?

  10. What the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence doesn’t even seem to understand that by doing this, all they are accomplishing is getting progun bloggers to point out their problems, lies, and mistakes. All those blog posts raises their negatives on google. A current google of CSGV shows half the first page of links is anti-CSGV stuff. We need to stop abbreviating their name so much though, googling “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” gets you mostly their links on the first page. We need to work on that :)

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