Sorry for the Light Posting

Turns out liquidating a company is hard work, and unbelievably depressing work when you’ve spent nearly a quarter of your life working on the same “project.” It’s not much different than watching a beloved sailboat sink beneath the waves.

I’m spending my days busy, and at night I just don’t have the time or energy to look for blog material. I think all of this will work out in the end, I just need to have faith that it will all come together the way I’m praying it will.

6 thoughts on “Sorry for the Light Posting”

  1. When one door closes, another door opens, even if not right away. Think of an Olympic skier, racing toward a steep hill; he can’t see beyond that hill, but he’s going to zoom off of it, and he has faith there is actually “terra firma” on the other side of that hill, with enough snow to cushion his landing.

    Another way to look at it is, the Lord illuminates the stairway to heaven, but only one step at a time.

    Asking St. Joseph the Worker to echo prayers has been known to be efficacious. I’m sure many of us are praying for you.

  2. Dude, that sucks. I am sure it will work out for you.

    Remember, if you need help with anything, just let me know.

  3. At one ex-job they told us were were being turned-around! Yay! And were relocating to a new building! New! Yay! (cheaper rent) We boxed-up and moved our computers and stuff (cheap labor), and when we got there and were about to un-pack they said “Hold-on!” – and we received our pinks….

  4. I have my own story to tell soon. Work has been very depressing for several months. Things turned around for me this morning. More details when I have a chance and things are more settled.

    But the moral to my story is that in our field there are quite a few jobs out there and you shouldn’t worry too much about the future right now. Put things to rest and mourn as needed but you will find the future does have some accessible bright spots.

  5. Hope the process goes as smoothly as possible. Good luck in the next chapter.

    Be sure to go shooting…You’re lucky to have at least two therapeautic hobbies (shooting and blogging).

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