CSGV’s Twitter Account

Still suspended. I would have thought it would be a relatively simple matter to get this restored, but I’m pondering whether Ladd Everitt couldn’t help himself and tried to win an argument with an Internet Administrator again and lost. Perhaps they are surrendering the field here, and concentrating their efforts on Facebook, where they can more easily delete any material that blocks the reverberations in their echo chamber.

Either way, given that losing a major social media account is, to be charitable, a monumental screw-up, Ladd Everitt is probably lucky this isn’t an accurate description of his current employment reality.

UPDATE: It would seem that their Twitter account has been paroled.

2 thoughts on “CSGV’s Twitter Account”

  1. It’s interesting that their FaceBook page has the Wiki page embedded – and if you click on the Wiki link on the left menu, it brings the current, NON-COMPLIMENTARY version of the Wiki up – the first thing you see is a posting about their Twitter account suspension.

  2. They’ve been unsuspended; their first tweet post-suspension complains about Loughner’s “insurrectionist” ranting in the courtroom.

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