Primanti Brothers Makes Things Right

Thanks to Cam Edwards and the crew at NRA News for heading over to Primanti Brothers and making things right with the late situation in regards to appearing to endorse Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns. I still think they handled this poorly, but I’m willing to forgive and put this behind us.



10 thoughts on “Primanti Brothers Makes Things Right”

  1. The sandwiches are a novelty. They’re good and worth the $6 they average, but it’s nothing that’s going to make you break down and cry tears of gastric joy. If not for the travel channel and food network the line would be much shorter and the place would be much less known. The original downtown location is the one everyone visits. The other locations have a better menu, parking, and take plastic.

    One more convention day, but no more sandwiches for me, my pants are already tight after two days of feasting.

    Also, the Bros. did not really have a choice but to make good with the NRA. I’m sure they’ll refine their PR stance and replace the guy who was on Cam’s show – he should stick to duties other than PR.

  2. Maybe .. just maybe … they learned that politics and food doesn’t mix too well. I might just be tempted – yes, I’ve got to think about this because I don’t want to intentionally cause problems for myself or anyone else – to go in one of these days OC and if someone says something, pull my shirt down over it (making it a concealed carry).

    Any thoughts – including *you’ve got to be out of your mind, just go in and enjoy the sandwich* – would be appreciated.

  3. Went Tuesday night and hadn’t heard of the problem. Wasn’t impressed with the sandwich. Pre made patty wasn’t frozen but was stacked next to the frying surface. then they stuck a weight on it to squeeze all the wonderful grease out of it and kept spraying it from a bottle of oil, or something, to keep it from sticking, which the natural grease would have done. Then the thick, dry bread, big, mushy fries pretty much ruined it. But, I’ve tried it, had an entertaining listen as a fellow bar stool sitter detailed his possibly ex-to-be problems (and bartender replied with stories of his own)while the cute waitress in Daisy Dukes fawned over his precocious 6-year old son. Not a bad way to kill a couple of hours.

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