Senate Vote on Pigeon Shooting Ban

Looks like there’s going to be a vote on the pigeon shooting ban. I am not happy that legislators are going to be made to post a vote on this issue. It’s a real complication for gun rights, and I’m not keen to just hand a victory to HSUS, who you can bet will be back for more if they win this. A lot of suburban legislators who are otherwise friendly are going to get dinged for voting in favor of this. But considering there are a number of clubs that still do this kind of shooting, NRA is going to be in opposition.

I would advise you to call your Senators and oppose the ban. This is going to open up a can of worms I don’t want to open if this gets the thumbs up and heads to the house. It will complicate everything else we’re trying to accomplish.

3 thoughts on “Senate Vote on Pigeon Shooting Ban”

  1. Just called Mike Folmer’s office. He’s not sure where he stands on the issue. If this passes the senate, is there a chance we could tack constitutional carry on to it in the house?

  2. Anyone supporting anything that’s back by hsus is to stupid to be allowed out without a keeper. Of course these are politicians you are talking about…

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