Media in Connecticut Not Happy

This is one area I’m really glad to disappoint them, but look at the arrogance in the reporting:

But the gun lobby cowed the committee into inaction by flooding the hearing room with more than 200 people in March. Ranking Judiciary Committee member Sen. John Kissel, R-Enfield, is right that lawmakers should listen to constituents. But they also have a duty to consider common sense and whether a bill would enhance public safety.

It wasn’t citizens who flooded the hearing, it was “the gun lobby.” That nefarious, nameless evil. We know better. Kudos to everyone who showed up to the committee hearing. That, more than anything, is responsible for the bill’s swift death.

4 Responses to “Media in Connecticut Not Happy”

  1. BrokenTrace says:

    They seem to get up in arms when the evil gun lobby uses their own tactics against them.

  2. David says:

    I’m sure there are 2000+ employees of Colt and Ruger who are glad there decent paying jobs were not legislated out to another state.

  3. Wes says:

    Once again, a gungrabber newspaper article, and, once again, the comments section there is 90% pro-gun. mwahahahaha!

  4. TS says:

    So they are saying it was a “slap in the face to their constituents” to NOT turn hundreds of thousands of them into felons? Connecticut’s proposed ban had no grandfather clause, correct?


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