Apparently I’m Big in Pittsburgh

One thing about being at Annual Meeting is that I’m mostly cut off from what’s going in the world. Apparently we made the news in Pittsburgh over Sandwichgate. I was also told by other bloggers the hot dog people were thrilled with the increase in business, and Primanti Bros. apparently wasn’t looking too busy.

I doubt very much the media was interested in helping me spread the word, I’d be willing to bet their angle was NRA attacking local icons, but all they effectively did was let the Pittsburgh media market know about the controversy. Being seen as anti-gun in Western PA isn’t a very good business model.

5 thoughts on “Apparently I’m Big in Pittsburgh”

  1. I can confirm that Primanti was a ghost town on Friday at 5:30. More than half the tables were empty. On Saturday, there was a line out the door, but given the 70,000 people down the street it was a rather little line of about a 20 minute wait.

    They get what they get, and their bad PR attempt on Cam did not help.

  2. Maybe you could rename the blog “snowflakes in Mecca” to be considerate of our moslem friends. Or snowflakes in heck for the biblethumpers that “believe” in hell but are retisent to actually mention the netherworld? Or “bunniesinablender” for no particular reason? (BASSAMATIC)!

  3. Sorry, I meant to say “snake-handling, taliban-wannbe, busybody religion superstitionist” biblethumpers that believe everybody else’s business is theirs”.

  4. “Or snowflakes in heck for the biblethumpers that “believe” in hell but are retisent to actually mention the netherworld?”

    When searching for your blog, I always google “Snowflakes in Heck” precisely because of these sensibilities. I nonetheless enjoy the website; while I’d appreciate it if you *did* change the name to avoid offending my sensibilities, if you didn’t, I wouldn’t stop reading your blog!

    For the record, I don’t fully understand the “sensibilities” around the word “hell”–it’s something that I haven’t thought about too much–but my fuzzy best guess is that you shouldn’t treat certain things likely. I think most uses of the word “hell” have little to no reference to the actual place. In any case, it’s a cultural thing, and since I see no good reason to go against it–and using the word out of context would be offensive to those around me–I accept the convention, and don’t use the word.

    (Well, maybe I’d use it occasionally to quote J. Golden Kimball, a local “colorful” religious leader in my faith, but that’s an…interesting…exception! :-)

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