Brainless Puff Piece from UK Daily Mail

A one-off gaudy Hello Kitty gun apparently makes a trend, but as much as I hate the gun, I love this reaction:

Dee Edwards, co-founder of the charity Mothers Against Murder and Aggression said: ‘I am utterly disgusted by this.

‘It is not fashion, it is not style, it is … glorifying guns and making them seem acceptable.

Yes. That’s exactly what we’re doing. And we’re going to keep doing it, Ms. Edwards, until everyone else sees you for the hysterical, ridiculous person you are.

11 thoughts on “Brainless Puff Piece from UK Daily Mail”

  1. I read that line earlier today and all I could think was, “what a hysterical loon.”

    She’s “utterly disgusted.” About a gun. Is there any clearer way to prove that she has an irrational emotional reaction to firearms?

  2. I’m digested by the top gun too. Who mixes solids with pink camo? And that slide color. Yuck.

  3. “utterly disgusted.” first reaction is well she has style at least but, I see it’s because PSH its a gun!

    Well, I fit were mine I’d definately restyle. Mixing Solids camo, and a print design is just bad style.

    Now the body and grip in satin black with a bit of rosewood
    on the grips, the slide in a deep maroon and a more proper cat, say a jaguar now we have style!


  4. And making them seem acceptable? Guns are perfectly acceptable to every statist bitch out there, from Carolyn McCarthy to Sarah Brady, as long as they’re in the hands of government thugs and not in the hands of private citizens. They pretend to be “against guns”, but media manipulated, commie stooges that they are, it always turns out that they’re only against private gun ownership.

  5. Sarah Palin “admitted” to being a lifetime member of the NRA.

    Angelina Jolie “admitted” buying guns.

    Well, they must be guilty.

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