German Gun laws

Truth About Guns contributor Oliver Weiss, who is German, has a detailed summary of Germany’s gun laws. I challenge any one of our opponents to tell me this just goes too far, and this isn’t exactly what they’d like to implement here. Because if I had to go through all this, I wouldn’t be a shooter right now, I can tell you that. I got into this casually, and then only got serious as time wore on. I suspect most of us have similar stories. I’m surprised there’s any shooting culture left in Germany, to be honest.

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  1. There is a German blogger ( I follow with the use of Google Translate. From one of the posts I gathered that IPSC is allowed in Germany but under strict government control. ISPC has a waiver because the German Powers That Be frown on any time of defensive shooting training or in the move.

  2. No. They’d want it more like the UK but stricter. Guns totally illegal. And those who would not submit to be murdered by government thugs. It’s not like they HAVEN’T said stuff along those lines before… Its things they wish and have wet dreams at night over but won’t ever say openly because what kind of support would you get if you called for the murder of American civilians like that. Potentialy over 1/3rd of the entire population of America. This isn’t europe or africa…

  3. Yep, Germany’s gun laws would very likely be precisely what the Brady Campaign et al would call “reasonable regulations.”

    They underlying principles are the same:

    1. Citizens do not have any rights or privileges to armed self-defense.

    2. Actual need must be conclusively demonstrated.

    3. The risk that firearms pose to society-at-large far outweighs the need of any individual citizen to possess one.

  4. I wouldn’t be a shooter if I had to submit to German style firearms regulations, either. Oh, I’d still own guns. Probably lots of guns. Machine Guns with Suppressors and Grenade Launchers with real grenades, I just wouldn’t shoot them very often. I can make these things in my garage (I’m a machinist) but I don’t, because I can buy less fun, but more practical alternatives, legally and without much hassle. If I could get in just as much trouble for owning a .22 bolt action as a real deal SMG, then why the hell would I want a .22?! When I went to visit the cousins out in the sticks, we’d set up some nice targets and have us a good old time. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns, but outlaws have really, really scary guns.

    The result of a functional prohibition, as well actual prohibition, is to create an incentivized black market. Government abdicates their ability to regulate a market to the criminal underworld when they deem it unlawful for citizens to participate. The market doesn’t go away, but it’s demographics change.That means that the nice and friendly shooters, the sportsmen, the hobbyists, the collectors find something else to spend their money on, and that other element (the militant, the aggressive predatory, the criminal, the insane) are all that’s left and nothing stands between them and civilization. The city is without walls and the barbarians are from within.

    Citizens stop standing up for themselves. They withdraw from civil society and turn inward. The police and military slowly begin to forget how to use arms effectively, society grows ever more fearful, criminals and thugs ever more bold, protests ever more violent, and laws ever less just. This is the history of Europe in the late 20th century, a society in decline, who’s heirs will not be Europeans at all, because they see the land they’ve come to reside in as weak an decadent, because it is.

    Gun control is like abortion of civil society. It limits the next generation of citizens not through death, but through disengagement, disheartening, and disinheritance of the spirit and traditions of the generations who came before. It is the bad decision that haunts a culture and the only specter that visits it’s grave.

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