Constitutional Carry Dead in Colorado

The “kill committee” would seem to have done its job. If we can get a state with the demographics of Colorado, it will open the doors to getting this in Pennsylvania. Legislatively, I’ve never found Pennsylvania politicians to be pioneers. During the concealed carry wave, we were an early adopter, but we still came after Florida. A state with a healthy mix of constituencies, like Colorado, Florida, or Texas would be a needed addition. Arizona, of course, was a great triumph, since it has a large city and sprawling suburbs, but we need one more in that category before we’re going to flip states like Pennsylvania.

2 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry Dead in Colorado”

  1. Montana just made it out of senate committee, it’s going to go through.

    They did amend it to add that a competence course is still required. After you pass the course you can carry in city limits. It’s always been legal to carry open or concealed in rural areas.

  2. One of the invisible roadblocks to Constitutional Carry in PA is that some of the leaders of our oldest “pro-gun” state organizations secretly oppose it, while giving lip-service to it in public. One theory is that that results from those leaders having too close friendships with LEOs who oppose it.

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