John Edwards to Attend Beijing Olympics

At the rate John Edwards has been digging, he’s sure to make it before the closing ceremonies.   Bitter points out why John Edwards doesn’t know when to just shut the hell up.  Over at Volokh, Jim Lindgren points out that Edwards says he was 99% telling the truth when he lied.  I expect next he’ll try to tell us that the reason he cheated was because his cancer ridden wife is just too sick to take care of his manly needs.

Considering what John Edwards has said about this whole affair, I would remove all kitchen knives and blunt objects from the Edwards’ house.  You have to figure, she doesn’t exactly have much to lose.  I don’t know if, at this point, to many people would blame her.

4 thoughts on “John Edwards to Attend Beijing Olympics”

  1. Maybe she could file a frivolous lawsuit against him and his millions – and win.

  2. Being “99% truthful when you lie?” Sort of like being “a little bit pregnant.” Ooops! Bad choice of words.

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