Bloomberg View, over at Huffpo, takes a look at a couple of gun rags, sees no minorities, and declares gun owners racists, and guns being for white people. What kind of person buys magazines and goes through tallying people up by race? A racist maybe? I think these people need to look in a mirror, and then read some of the scholarship we’ve used to support gun rights in the courts, a good deal of which revolves around attempts by radical Republicans to ensure Blacks were free to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. Take a look at some of the comments. Priceless. Publish a few of those if you want to see more people buy guns to protect themselves from those nuts.

  2. This subject gave me a flashback to my late teens. . .

    My dad and I had a small group of fishing buddies who were black, and of blue-collar working class. We talked to them about a lot of things of common interest, but we never knew the extent to which they were gun owners and hobbyists until one day I ran into several of them heading out into the field to do some hunting. I envied some of the guns they were carrying. Later we were invited to the house of one of them, an older gentleman in his ’70s, and despite living in a rather dilapidated old house on the “black” street of an otherwise upscale Bucks County town, the guy had one of the most mouth-watering gun collections I had encountered up to that time, including everything from classic 19th Century Winchesters to modern varmint rifles in wildcat calibers, with target scopes.

    I got the impression that the local black population were consciously “low profile” gun owners, though their enthusiasm for guns was clearly on a par with ours.

    After five decades I too have arrived at the “what people don’t know won’t worry them” worldview, but I’m wondering if that hard-learned wisdom isn’t the explanation for any apparent absence of blacks from the greater “gun culture.” They’ve appreciated the value of low-profiles longer, while also understanding to what extent “rights” are a lot of puffery and eyewash.

    (It occurs to me this may tie into yesterday’s thread about how much “gun rights” were respected in the 19th century — and for whom.)

    1. When Nick Johnson’s paper “Firearms and the Black Community: An Assessment of the Modern Orthodoxy.” finally gets published, it should address some of those issues.

  3. It would probably be illuminating to go through the HuffPo offices and count ethnicities… Mind you, I don’t personally give a flying frell, but they sure seem to.

  4. You don’t even have to look that far back to see second amendment advocates fighting the Democrat/Leftist establishment regarding racist gun control statutes. McDonald v. Chicago comes to mind…

  5. How can we believe anything from a Rag that was founded by a Women who OPPOSED the NATO Intervention against Serbia when the Serb Government was committing GENOCIDE?

    Pot, meet Kettle.

  6. These are the same people who saw the slavering, bestial, off-gray/green creatures portrayed in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies and thought “OMG! Black people!”

    Yes, they’re the racists.

  7. It’s just another case if “Heads I win, Tails you lose!”. Any portrayal of a “good” black guy, perhaps as a cop or soldier, will be met with criticism for being a mere token to make those evil racist whites feel less guilty for their racism. And heaven forbid a black guy is portrayed as a burglar or mugger, or even just as “ghetto” -there would be riots everywhere.

    I’m through worrying about this bullshit. I’ll have honest friendships with any individual who comes at me as an individual. But anybody who goes through life with a chip on his shoulder about some group identity (any group identity), especially if that group identity includes acting “ghetto”, I want nothing to do with him and don’t care if he lives or dies. And I refuse to apologize or feel guilty about it.

    And I really don’t see any problem with gun magazines catering to whichever demographic they choose. If blacks want their own 100% black gun magazine, that’s fine by me. If white Neo-Nazis want their own gun magazine, have at it. If another magazine company chooses to represent a more realistic cross-section of the population, that’s great too! Seriously people… Just vote with your dollars and leave the butt-hurt behind!

  8. ” If blacks want their own 100% black gun magazine, that’s fine by me. If white Neo-Nazis want their own gun magazine, have at it.”

    My beef for a long time has been people who use our gun rights issue as a decoy to attract people to support their own, other agendas. I hope they burn in hell until they are all the same, uniform color.

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