3 thoughts on “More on the Florida Doctor Bill”

  1. I hear ya. I would have rather seen information educating people that they didn’t have to answer. But the influence of Doctors scaring woman and children could have a bad impact to future generations,

    I can tell you some history of men who were ship yard workers, steamfitters and welders who received lesser asbestos settlement pay outs because they told their doctors that they smoked. People who smoked but lied about it to the doctors got a larger settlement. (The doctors knew, but had to write down what the person said.)

  2. The law should NOT prevent a doctor about asking in regards to firearms. There are medical issues that could necessitate such questioning.

    “Your child is suffering from high levels of lead poisoning. Do you own firearm? do you reload firearms?”

    What the law should mandate is that the doctor cannot record any info regarding firearms or firearm ownership outside of a direct correlation to a diagnosis.

  3. This is in response to the Obamacare mandate that makes electronic medical records accessible to government, thus creating a defacto firearms registry.

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