2 thoughts on “Another View on the Florida Doctor Bill”

  1. Something I have not seen discussed in the articles I have read concerning this law is the impact of the Obamacare abomination’s requirement of electronic medical records. The practice some of my friends work for had a training session to learn their new electronic records software. This training session told them that the software would comply with the record-keeping requirements of the new health-care law.

    This software, which is the package given to family practice, pediatrics, and internal medicine, contained questions about whether the patient owned gun, how many, where and how they were stored, etc. I’m not accusing the government of telling the company to put these questions in the system–there is no proof of this, and it’s probably something that the company did on its own, but as the federal government starts to gain control over and access to medical records, this kind of information will be available to anyone who doesn’t care about the doctor/patient confidentiality laws. Do you really see ATF caring after some of the other rights they have violated?

    All this being said, abridging one right to protect another is not the answer. However, physicians and nurses need to take a stand on the issue of recording this type of information and refuse to collect it (indirectly) for the goverment. As for everyone else–if your doctor insists on you answering all of these questions, find another doc.

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