5 thoughts on “Congratulations Massachusetts!”

  1. And it took a reasonable chunk of funds, a chunk out of someone’s life, and a conviction and appeal until someone realized the plain language of the statute allows this.

  2. Yep the law is written just to be a pain in the ass, and nothing else.

    Before my collection grew most of my guns were in the back of the closest with trigger locks.

    There was a recent case where a man was storing guns in a lock-box in his basement that he had built. A local troubled teen who was allowed access to clean the place simply backed the screws for the hinges out and took the door of and stole one of the guns.

    He was found innocent.

  3. Another confirmation that gun owners take their right to bear arms seriously and are more aware of where their guns are stored then just a recreational user. Glad that it worked out in support of the owner.

  4. Just to clarify, the pistol was locked inside of the plastic case from the manufacturer which was then inside a cooler.

  5. Yes… I was meaning to poke fun at the fact that these are actually debates to be had in the Bay State due to their absurd laws.

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