Gun Rights Attack Ad

Here’s my attempt to make a pro-McCain/Palin attack ad against Joe Biden.  Joe Biden deserves a special place in hell.  With Barack Obama, I merely do not like his policies.  He’s a good orator, and a talented politician.  But very little can describe my loathing of Joe Biden.  If I were stuck on a deserted island with Joe Biden, assuming I couldn’t fashion a set of earmuffs out of coconuts, I’d probably throw myself off the nearest cliff.

This week Biden said something that was utterly laughable.  He said that he was raised not to attack people who he disagrees with politically.  Well, pretty clearly he does not honor his upbringing:


Special thanks to my friend Jason for providing the video, and the idea of splicing these two together.

12 thoughts on “Gun Rights Attack Ad”

  1. Too slow paced. You could have chopped out the “one year ago” part after “oh really senator.”

    I also think you should have cut out the bit about “self interest.” Instead you should have just shown the part where the gun owner asks, “are my guns safe” and follow up immediately with “I don’t think that man is mentally qualified to own guns.”

  2. That probably would have been a more effective attack ad, but I also thought I could accomplish being fair to Biden by not taking things out of context, and still giving him the opportunity to hang himself. He’s good at that.

  3. You should show what the gun owner said to Biden, or people will accuse you of taking the comment out of context. If you leave them wondering what he said they’re probably gonna make up what they want to hear not what really was said.

  4. Heh, I half expected you to say that you’d throw Joe Biden off the nearest cliff if you and he were stuck on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere.

  5. Nice job! I wouldn’t call it an “attack” ad, though. It’s a factual representation of the guy’s attitude.

  6. On the desert island: if you stick a hole in him and inflate him with his own gas you can probably make it to Hawaii or someplace nice. A floating gasbag can be a useful tool for rescue.

  7. There’s not any ominous background music. You should be able to add some in with iMovie…

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