Must Be Why He’s Playing Up His Sportsmen’s Creds

John Tester is looking vulnerable in Montana. Tester is co-chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, a fact which I have seen floating around in the news quite a bit lately. He’s really going to look like a fool if Obama pushes gun control, despite Tester’s assurances during the 2008 election that we didn’t have anything to worry about. Tester himself, however, has been legitimately very pro-gun, even sponsoring a bill to fix the problem with reimportation of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines. I sincerely hope if President Obama decides to make gun control part of his legacy, Tester will distance himself from Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Hat Tip Instapundit.

2 thoughts on “Must Be Why He’s Playing Up His Sportsmen’s Creds”

  1. If Tester really wanted to be pro-gun, he’d propose a repeal of the Sporting Purposes ban. That’s the law we really need to get rid of.

  2. I’m a Montanan, and I’m not voting for him…..he supports Kyoto, and Obamacare.

    Denny Rehberg (the current MT Congressman) is running against him, and he’s pretty good on civil rights.

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