Quality Control, It’s Not Hard

Tasty Baking Company, which makes Tastykakes, is in serious financial trouble. They essentially face going out of business within the next few months, largely due to their management’s poor decision to stay in Philadelphia, and build a “green” bakery, which has not worked out very well for the company, even with a massive infusion of my tax dollars to save green jobs or some crap like that.

Just about every store around here has been having specials on Tastykakes, so we’ve been buying every once in a while. If my tax dollars are going to subsidize them, I might as well eat them. First thing I noticed they are cutting corners on quality control from when I was a kid. A little defect here, and little defect there, I can deal with. No longer. Today was the last straw.

Last Straw Tastykake

For those of you who grew up or have lived in the Philadelphia area any length of time, you will be able to relate to my extreme angst that Tasty Baking Company sold me a Butterscotch Krimpet with one of the Krimpet’s only partially covered with butterscotch. Anyone growing up having to split a package of Krimpets with their sibling understands the kind of war this will bring about. Villages have been burned over less. We need a UN resolution that “authorizes all necessary means” to ensure this won’t happen again. Seriously Tasty Baking, if you’re going to take my tax dollars, don’t you dare short me on butterscotch!

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  1. Their real big problem is that their distribution has shrunk and isn’t coming back. I went looking for Tastykakes when I first heard that they were in trouble. Couldn’t find hide nor hair in my local supermarkets. Pushed out by the the bigger brands at the top and the fresher store bakery at the bottom.

  2. If my tax dollars are going to subsidize them, I might as well eat them.

    You do realize that just means you’re paying for them twice, right?

  3. Never mind the Philly union construction tax that makes building in Philly so expensive. It is any wonder why Montgomery county has been booming with commercial development.

    Philly – the only place that still requires cast iron pipe in the plumbing code. After all it takes 6 union plumbers to carry one length of iron pipe while 1 non union plumber can carry 6 lengths of PVC pipe.

  4. I happen to love Tastykakes. Peanut Butter Tandy Kakes.
    Krimpets and their pies? To die for.
    We always send boxes of them to soldiers overseas and they seem to love them. But I fear my Grandchildren will not get that taste sensation. But I also hear they will back at the Citizens Bank Park for Phillies Season? Maybe that will do it. (In refrigerated cases.)
    Someone tell me again, why did they take that space in the Navy Yard? Wouldn’t Chester have been a better place?

  5. i will be very, very sad when Butterscotch Krimpets are completely gone…as it is, i can’t find Kandy Kakes (without peanut butter, thankyouverymuch) in my local grocery store here in Baltimore.

  6. Pancake Krimpets. Butter cream filled cakes with maple syrup flavored icing. Specifically…why are they only available once a great while instead of being on the shelf every time I go in? There’s a whole passel of items I don’t want, have never wanted, and have never bought…then you create something I’d likely buy every Thursday morning on my way in for my early shift (and maybe even a box to share with co-workers and friends) and promptly start going tits up because sales are down. Not nice Tasty. Not nice.

  7. See, you never have that kind of problem with a Zinger.

    Though, admittedly, they also don’t seem to make butterscotch Zingers, which sounds pretty damned awesome.

    Of course, around here in the Northwest, you can’t buy Tastykakes of any sort for love nor money…

  8. 1. Hey! A sign of the times that Ayn Rand didn’t warn us about!

    2. A snackcake I didn’t eat in absurd quantities as a youth? Dang, now I’ll never get my chance…I would have liked to eaten a box of each flavor of Tastykake (in one sitting).

  9. Whtman’s Chocolates, Bryer’s Ice Cream, Tastycakes… Next we won’t be able to get any decent pretzels anymore and all the hoagie shops will be renamed Subway. The city is clearly in the shitter.

  10. This popped up when I googled tastykake defects and I agree… My mom and I bought these new cherry-filled dark chocolate krimpets…. and they had NO CHERRIES INSIDE. The entire box. So sad.

    I also agree with the sentiment of our grandchildren not knowing what tastykake is???? Scary.

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