Brady Wins an Award

They are happy to announce they’ve won a Pollie award for helping get Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois elected with a robo-call reminding Illinois voters that Bill Brady wanted school children to be mowed down with assault weapons. Clearly the standards of the American Association of Political Consultants aren’t very high. I wonder if they gave an award for the ad that said Bill Brady wanted to strangle puppies.

But you know, the NRA, they are full of scare tactics to keep their members frothing at the mouth like the mad dogs they are. You’ll never see NRA win a Pollie.

UPDATE: Apparently I was wrong about NRA and Pollies. Sent to me by someone in ILA:

I won’t be so quick to assume next time.

3 thoughts on “Brady Wins an Award”

  1. ROFL at the NRA’s response.

    “Pollie? Psh. Big deal. We got, like, 20 of those things. We got so many we started using them for door stops.”

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