Calming Fears of Campus Carry

W. Scott Lewis, Legislative Director for SCCC, gets a great opinion piece in San Antonio. I’ve been continually impressed with SCCC as an organization. They’ve made great arguments and have represented themselves very well when I’ve seen them in the media. No doubt our opponents think these guys are paid shills of the gun manufacturers, or they are being played by puppet master LaPierre, but I’ve been really impressed with them so far.

3 thoughts on “Calming Fears of Campus Carry”

  1. SUNY Albany in upstate New York has absolute prohibition of firearms. Does that make for more responsible students, more so than concealed carry would?

    I’m not a Glen Beck fan, but he seems to think that those students are the worst our civilization has to offer. Most of them are from the New York City area or New Jersey, where there is also severe gun control:

    A better view of the idiot stomping through the moonroof here:

    About 40 of them were charged by Monday, last I saw the police were looking for 27 more. Cell phone videos posted on the Web will tell the tale in court.

    I do not think that young people act like that at colleges where CCW is allowed. That would be better. Much better.

  2. Impressive essay.

    I take heart when I see we have such people on our side. Of course it doesn’t hurt that we have truth, justice and liberty on our side too.

  3. How dare you slander SUNY Albany students!!! I would have you know that I did my graduate work there, and I would have you know that the year or two after SUNY Albany obtained #1 Party School (and had a “Fountain Day” that resulted in bloody footsteps down the hallway, and ambulance tires being slashed), the school became somewhat more tame after that!

    I also remember the time I spent living in downtown Albany, where I was told not to go out at night alone…or when I lived nearby in Troy, where someone was stabbed nearby where my wife and I, and our newborn child, lived. (Actually, we moved shortly thereafter.)

    Ahhh, those were the days! Now, where was I? Oh, yeah: How dare you slander SUNY Albany that way?!?

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