An Illinois Lobbyist They Can Ill Afford

Thirdpower points out that the Brady Campaign has registered a lobbyist in Illinois. Since this is lobbying activity, this has to happen under the auspices of the Campaign, their 501(c)(4), rather than Brady Center. Brady Campaign has, financially, been on the ropes. The fact that they felt the need to hire outside help in Illinois is great. Keep pushing guys!

4 thoughts on “An Illinois Lobbyist They Can Ill Afford”

  1. For years, it seems, the Joyce Foundation has focused on Illinois as one of the last bastions of gun control (last in the midwest, anyway). I wonder if the Brady’s aren’t noticing this, as well, and trying to circle some wagons. This serious movement on concealed carry there has got to concern them to no end.

  2. 1. Joyce is in the Illinois neighborhood so it’s a bit of a keeping a lid on gun rights in their own backyard.

    2. While a 501(c)(3) can elect to spend a percentage of its income on lobbying, it is a relatively small percentage and not a lot fo 501(c)(3)’s make the lobbying election.


  3. It could be that after the Giffords shooting that the Brady’s have a new infusion of cash. Also, knowing that Illinois is the new front in the Gun Control war, there may have been some very interesting arrangements made to accommodate their white knight.

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