Brady Campaign Mirepresents FOID in Illinois

Thirdpower reports some problems with how the Brady Campaign is representing the Illinois FOID card.  The gun control crowd would be happy to pass licensing in other states, and will tell you it’s a “reasonable measure” and is “common sense.”  Illinois already has it, but apparently it’s not enough.  Is it any wonder we think the goal is just to make owning a gun so difficult that no one bothers?  Then, it’ll be “common sense” and “reasonable” to just ban them altogether.

2 thoughts on “Brady Campaign Mirepresents FOID in Illinois”

  1. Some great comments to the article, which is linked through Thirdpower’s site.

    Yes, I do believe that we simply won’t stand being lied to any longer.

    “Tell the truth, stand your ground, and don’t let the bastards get you down.”
    Kris Kristofferson

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