Four Suggestions

Bryan Miller apparently thinks they are the four suggestions too:

Good to see Miller, a world renowned advocate of “gun safety” demonstrating just how little he knows about the subject.

I’ve been doing a little research on the incident that happened with Miller’s brother, and there’s a whole lot more to it than most of you have ever heard. For instance, there was a lawsuit filed for negligence against the District of Columbia because they failed to follow their own security protocol for the building. There is more I will speak of once I have time to put everything together.

14 thoughts on “Four Suggestions”

  1. I thought I read somewhere that someone found out that the guy who killed Miller’s brother, was in custody, somehow broke away, got into a desk at where he was being held, grabbed a gun, and started firing away……

    Maybe it was at Miller’s blog at

  2. “Good to see Miller, a world renowned advocate of “gun safety” demonstrating just how little he knows about the subject.”

    Indeed. Quite amazing seeing such listened-to people be so clueless and ignorant. And quite amazing seeing the general public just go along with it.

  3. I thought it was a TEC-9 (or the post ban version) that the criminal used. Before I looked the newspaper reports up last week or so, I had always thought that it was an SKS rifle.

    I do have an addendum to the 4 rules.

    #5. Under no circumstances hand a gun to Bryan Miller. If you’re going to break the 4 rules, do it yourself.

    Violating rule 5 is like being the guy who moved from Seattle, the suicide capital, to NYC, the murder capital, because he wasn’t the do it yourself type of guy.

  4. It’s no wonder gun control advocates don’t want any one else to own a gun. It is blindingly obvious that they themselves have no business handling one. It would be quite natural for them to project their inabilities onto others.

  5. What a terrible tradegy it would be if he had blown Lautenberg’s head off. I wouldn’t have laughed at all.

  6. If he had done this at my range her would have immediately been asked to leave and never return.

    Assuming no one took personally having a gun with a magazine in it pointed at their head by a guy with his finger on the trigger.

  7. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the next time someone will install a loaded magazine before handing him the gun???

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