Moving Quickly on Long Gun Requirement

NRA filed suit today in the long gun reporting requirement for border state FFLs. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Arizona FFLs, in District Court in the DC circuit. My understanding is that if you are going to file suit against the federal government, you can either sue in the state, circuit and district where the plaintiff’s reside, or you can sue the federal government where it resides.

There is some precedent that would apparently seem to give a lot of leeway to demand letters. Pretty clearly the Administration wants to see how far this hobby horse can be ridden, even to the point of implementing something clearly illegal.

4 thoughts on “Moving Quickly on Long Gun Requirement”

  1. ARGUE/DOJ can’t be taking F&F seriously, I think Holder is reading the MSM press clippings and underestimating just what an aroused house and senate could do in terms of loosening gun laws if it looks like it will be an election issue.

  2. Markie Marxist sez: “Once it’s a huge success, we can extend the long gun reporting requirement to all the states. After all, you can’t argue with success! Ha! Ha! Then we can start changing the rules until every gun has to be reported. It’s amazing how slippery those slippery slopes can be! Ha! Ha!”

  3. There are already reports that ATF in Austin TX has been following these demand letters up with visits to the buyers homes and claiming that if the owner doesn’t let them in without a warrant they can have him arrested under the Patriot Act.

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