5 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in Virginia”

  1. I’d rather they first get rid of the idiotic VSP background check system that does entirely the same thing as NICS, using the same data, but somehow manages to be slow, inefficient, and expensive before the 1 gun a month thing. At least you can get around that with your permit.

    These three bills are nice though

  2. The bills are moderate because, for the most part, groups like VCDL have done an effective job of lobbying to get the really bad laws off the books.

    The only big challenge in Virginia today is seeing castle doctrine passed. Everything else seems to be cleaning the flukes out of sloppy legal code.

    Maybe next year the drum-fed shotgun folding stock ban will be lifted.

  3. The answer, of course, is that shifting the Senate over to the Republicans is necessary (though given the history of Virginia’s Republicans in the Senate, not sufficient) to get anything significant done. Getting restaurant carry last year was an aberration.

    On one handgun per month and the state background check system, one depends on the other. The one handgun per month law is primarily administered through the use of the state point-of-contact background check system. As long as we have one-per-month, we will have the POC system.

    The budget is also a factor – those $2 (or is it $5 now?) per check fees go into the general fund, not to pay for the system itself. If you’ve tried to buy a gun on a weekend with a gun show, you’ve probably experienced the effect of the short staffing at the state police. So the POC system is also a revenue measure.

  4. Well, to a limited extent, Virginia has done away with the one-gun-a-month issue: according the the statutes, it doesn’t apply to anyone with a Virginia CWP. Not the correct solution, but it’s a start.

  5. Constitutional Carry should be coming back next year, too. It was only withdrawn this year because the sponsor screwed the text up when he wrote it, not (AFAIK) because of any significant opposition. The mistakes were supposedly just to bad to simply fix once it was introduced.

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