Make Them Fight

Pennsylvania is a blue state in most of the past elections, but it’s one that Democrats can’t take for granted, and we’re usually regarded as a swing state.  It’s true the climate here generally favors Democrats in national elections, but Republican in this state can’t give up.  We have to make them fight to get Pennsylvania.  Here’s a promising tidbit:

“Obama hasn’t closed the deal here yet in a state where Democrats have won the last four (presidential) elections,” said G. Terry Madonna, Ph.D., director of the Franklin & Marshall College Center for Politics and Public Affairs. “Clinton Democrats are still not going for him.”

Without Pennsylvania, it is unlikely Obama can win the election. No Democrat has been elected president without winning the Keystone State since Harry Truman in 1948.

I’m hoping Pennsylvanians, especially those who want to preserve their Second Amendment rights, will volunteer to help defeat Barack Obama this year.

Because the basic math also shows McCain must win over many Democrats, one group he and Obama are fighting over are the blue-collar, working-class Democrats who backed New York Sen. Hillary Clinton over Obama in the Democratic primary.

That represents a significant demographic in my congressional district, and a lot of these guys are also gun owners.  We need to get the word out to them.

4 thoughts on “Make Them Fight”

  1. Ha! The Democrats for Hillary have all been saying that they’re switching to McCain/Palin.

  2. Only a vocal minority are making the switch. It could help, but I wouldn’t count on it. I suspect that it will be small enough that it won’t even show up in exit polling. Unless the vocal minority seek out exit pollsters. :)

  3. Is it possible that Obama’s “clinging” comment torqued enough conservative Pennsylvanians to put the state in play?

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