Millions Spent, And Nothing Gained

If I had access to the kind of money that Bloomberg has flushed down the toilet on his MAIG project, I could probably cure, or find a fairly good treatment for a few diseases that kill a lot more people than guns do. I’m not kidding on that count either, for those of you who know what industry I work in.

But yet he keeps trying, and even the New York Times notes it doesn’t amount to much. They note these fights are long, and they are. Expensive too. It’s a waste what both side spend on this issue. I think what really pisses me off, when you look at the numbers, if they were really interested in saving lives, there are many other ways this money could be better spent. Adam Smith said there was “a lot of ruin in a nation,” and that’s certainly true in this issue.

Whatever you may say about Bill Gates, he’s at least trying to find a way to help the developing world deal with the scourge of malaria. What’s Bloomberg doing? Spending millions trying to remove the freedoms of Americans. Whether that’s the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, or put salt on their food. When it comes to spending money where it counts, Bill Gates has the right idea. Bloomberg is a self-serving demogauge, and a disgusting creature. I’ll cheer the day his term is up and he departs the national stage.

6 thoughts on “Millions Spent, And Nothing Gained”

  1. Sodium content is so high in ordinary foods that a deli sandwich alone may contain the total daily recommended amount for older adults, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said today in a statement.


    A) I did not know that was the full name of the NYC Health Dept.

    B) Am I the only one who felt a moment of stomach-dropping dread upon realizing the department’s name included the phrase “Mental Hygiene”? Have I just read too many dystopian sci-fi stories where that was code for “we repressively stomp out even the slightest dissent under the guise of public health and safety and claim that it’s for your own good”?

    I find it… disturbing.

  2. Agreed! He could buy a bunch of net tents for those undeveloped countries. He could help the Rotary International stamp out what’s left of small pox. He could truly save lives into the 10s of thousands.

    I am not sure what his true motivation is, what makes him hate guns so much? I truly mean “hates”! I get his ego being what it is, I have worked for 2 very, very rich individuals. WE can’t begin to think like them, believe me. I could tell some stories.

    One guys wife was complaining about spending 200 dollars for getting their stove repaired, the cook needed it, but 60 seconds later was talking about the Rolex watches she bought for her 2 sons for Christmas at 2500 a piece. They are wired differently!

  3. Uhm, I thought Bloomy’s term WAS up and he magically extended it.

    What’s to stop him from more magic, besides sheer biological entropy inexorably kicking in at some point?

  4. “New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene” is a result of the DOH and the DO[Mental Health] merging. I guess someone thought “New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene” sounded better than “New York City Department of Health and Mental Health”.

  5. I suspect that Bloomberg may have an eye on Gillibrand’s US Senate seat. She’s just Schumer’s hand puppet now, and would be easy to knock off for Bloomie with his billions to spend on campaigning. Schumer might be inclined to retire her himself, with nothing more than a whisper from Bloomie and his billions.
    Bloomberg is too rich and too egotistical ever to leave the national stage of his own volition. He’s unstoppable in NY, but he’s too NYC to win the presidency. As presidential timber, he’s like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree:

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