Live SOTU Coverage

Cam Edwards will be covering the event live at NRA News. Since I unplugged my cable, this is where I’m going to be watching.

UPDATE: So far not a lot of applause… it makes it go faster. Always rip the band aid off quickly.

UPDATE: Politicians love to talk about math and science, but we’re laying off people in math and science right now. If we have a shortage of people gifted in this, why is this the case?

UPDATE: Cam Edwards notes “Investment = SPEND!”

UPDATE: He’s talking Sputnik. Time for another Manhattan. He’s basically talking about how we need the government to spur innovation. Because, you know, there was never any innovation without government.

UPDATE: Oh god, now it’s green energy. Green energy is a scam if we’re not talking nuclear energy. Blah blah blah, evil oil companies. Blah blah blah. Does anyone believe green jobs is going to save the economy anymore?

UPDATE: He wants everyone to be teachers. The NRA News folks are joking because that means they’ll all be on the government dime, and the Democratic Party can get more donations from the NRA.

UPDATE: Obama says he wants to solve the problem of “undocumented workers.” How? I want a Cessna Citation Mustang too, you know.

UPDATE: Now he’s talking high speed rail, which means thousands of lefties across the country are suddenly becoming aroused. High speed rail is just like that for the left.

UPDATE: He wants to double our exports by 2014. This must by we’re debasing the dollar.

UPDATE: I think a Unicorn just farted a rainbow.

UPDATE: Now Health Care. This is where I really need another Manhattan.

UPDATE: Obama talking about controlling our national debt is like Jeffry Dahmer lecturing us on keeping Kosher. He wants a spending freeze. The freeze will apparently require painful cuts. *boggle* What? I should have made this a double.

UPDATE: We have to cut social security, apparently, without cutting social security.

UPDATE: Now talk of Salmon. Cam Edwards says “A Lox on both your houses.”

UPDATE: Apparently we’re beating the Towlieban. A terrorist version of this?

UPDATE: Obama endorses gays in the military. Good for him. This is something I support him on.

UPDATE: This speech read a lot better than Obama delivered it. Which is really surprising to me. The magic is gone. This guy is a much more talented candidate than he is a President. He is no Bill Clinton. He’s not even in the same universe.

14 thoughts on “Live SOTU Coverage”

  1. “Chris Matthews just announced that sources told him the President Obama will have a speech on gun control at a later date.”

    From Brady FB page

  2. I suspect that later date will be after dear leader has the next election in his rear view mirror, if he wins that one.

  3. I doubt he is going to have an address specifically on gun control, that would be a huge political mistake.

    My guess is that chris matthews is just trying to calm the anti’s

  4. Obama was talking about common sense steps to keep the American people safe, and mentioned safe food to eat, water to drink, air to breath. One can actually debate whether or not that is true, but it could also mean he’s not afraid of gun control. You know, to keep people *safe*.

  5. on high speed rail.

    I just booked a ticket on Acela from DC to NY City for tomorrow: $247.

    Just booked a ticket on Delta for my wife. Chattanooga to Atlanta. Atlanta to DC: $145

    That rail rate is subsidized out the wazoo. Delta – non union workforce – isn’t. No way rail ever is competitive.

  6. My mother is a fervent far left socialist. But even to her the luster is gone. She called me during it because I don’t bother watching it and said that obama looks much older. Aparrently his hair is turning grey as well.

    Understandable considering. All presidents seem to go through rapid aging is office.

    I wonder how Morton’s fork affected the anti’s. And at last check the mcCarthy magazine ban is at 63 democrats. 4 more to be on par with HR. 1022. I think.

  7. “Chris Matthews just announced that sources told him the President Obama will have a speech on gun control at a later date.”

    2013 or 2015? Should we start a pool?

    @Cemetary: This verbage is almost identical to that in his Wall Street Journal op-ed discussing regulation. Almost certainly it is intended to reinforce that “olive branch” to the business community. I don’t think it has any relation to gun control other than perhaps a philosophical one.

  8. @countertop But many of the airports that Delta flies into were built and subsidized by taxpayers. Do you think the $400m+ expansion of Terminal B and C at DCA was paid for by the airlines? Hell, smaller airports like Chattanooga were built by the Works Progress Administration as part of the New Deal!

    The expansion of Atlanta was expected to cost $5.4billion of which the airlines share is a mere $1.27 billion. Who do you think is paying the rest?

  9. To qualify my comment:

    In 1988 the Congressional Budget Office found that in spite of user fees paid into the Airport and Airways Trust Fund, the taxpayers still had to transfer $3 billion in subsidies per year.

    Federal transportation funding for airports versus AmTrak since the 70’s is over 60:1.

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