6 thoughts on “Polymer Cased Ammo”

  1. Unless the company isn’t really producing it en mass and is only showing off prototypes, I can’t imagine why you should be skeptical. I doubt a company would put a product that revolutionary out without being pretty damned confident it’s not going to blow.

  2. Neat idea? Revolutionary?

    It’s not exactly new. I got a box of plastic-cased .38 at a show over a decade ago.

    (Works fine, by the way. A quick search makes me think it was the old USAC stuff.)

    Another company was trying autoloader plastic cases around 2007, but reviews were unfavorable.

    I suppose the novelty would be making one that would be reliable in an autoloader, which would be nice.

  3. Now if they can get the biodegradable aspects in….

    “Fertilize Federal shooting ranges! Shoot the new PoopCase!”

    Might be nice in avoiding hot brass in bad places (got one stuck between safety glasses and skull once). I’ll avoid the cleavage jokes.

  4. Don’t look for a cost savings on the ammo itself, it is going to be priced “about the same” as brass-cased ammo according to the designer. The 30% weight savings should translate into lower shipping costs though which may lead to some decreased costs.

    I can’t vouch for it over the older plastic cased designs, all I know is that ALL of the older stuff I’ve seen sucked in autoloading weapons…the metal bases separated FAR too easily and lead to some interesting weapon problems.

    I’m going to try to obtain some of this ammo to shoot at a machinegun shoot in early March, I’ll likely send some photos and video to Steve at The Firearm Blog if I do.

    (Note: I took the photos for The Firearm Blog and spoke at length with the designer.)

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