He’s NutRageous

John Lott reminds us that Michael Moore is completely nuts.  Or is that NutRageous?  Watch the Video.

I am often a critic of police tactics, particularly the use of military tactics, but Moore’s video here is insulting and demeaning, and trivializes the difficult job they have to do in discerning  whether or not deadly force is justified.  Moore also misrepresents what the law is in this matter.

Everyone should check out, if you already haven’t already seen the video that was linked by Crime and Federalism last year.  It involves a police shooting a man with a cell phone, much like the one Moore was using as a prop in his video.  I would challenge anyone to say the police officers in this case were not justified in their actions.  Also see the frame by frame analysis of the situation.

Moore is a buffoon, and the fact that he’s a hero of the far left is a big reason I can’t take them seriously.   Given some real abuses out there in law enforcement tactics, one that have killed numerous innocent people, Moore chooses simply to mock officers and play the race card.  The issue of race in law enforcement is a serious one, and by approaching it in this manner, Moore is simply making a fool of himself.   It’s certainly not the first time though.