8 thoughts on “NRA And AMA?”

  1. I would suggest that the good doctor should concentrate on reducing the number of medical related deaths in hospitals (around 100K+/year) down to the level of deaths involving firearms before he starts complaining. Oh that’s right, i forgot, people like him get to “resolve” those hospital deaths. And they always seem to be a result of “complications” arising during the surgery – never a result of incompetance or gross negligence by the doctors or the hospital staff.

  2. emdfl said what I was thinking!

    The AMA needs to clean up its own backyard before branching out to watching me in mine.

    “But he’s a doctor!” Yuck! I want my doctor to be smarter than this guy!

  3. He also seems to know as little about automobiles as he does guns. There are no restrictions on who can own or operate a motor vehicle on private property, as evidenced by all the 12-15 year olds driving pickups and other farm vehicles on their parents’ farms.

    Also, of course, there’s no constitutional right to drive a vehicle. But if he likes the driver’s license analogy so well, I’m sure he’s in favor of national reciprocity for a public carry license starting at 16 and a written test any moron could pass and a shooting test (no required classes) equivalent to driving around the block.

  4. Well, the AMA is NOT the voice of the medical profession. They represent well less than half of the physicians (MD/DO) in the US.

    And bullshit like this morons is one of the reasons. If the AMA, the editorial staff of NEJM, JAMA, BMJ, Lancet, etc quit playing politics and stick to science, maybe they will get more influence on the rank and file/

  5. “This is fun–I’d also like to see gun rental counters at all major airports!” That is a hell of an idea. “Sir, I have a sub-compact LCP for you or I can upgrade you to the custom Kimber for just a few dollars more.” Hertz could push Ruger, Avis could have Smith…

    This has possibilities.

    About that other thing. My wife is a ‘later in life (boy I hope she doesn’t see this)’ ER doc in her second year of residency. She gave a talk on wound channels and it was decided to take the entire resident group and a number of ER docs out to the range and let them try various caliber handguns. I’m an instructor so I gave then the shortened gun safety lecture and sorted them into ‘have never fired a firearm’ and the rest. I think we made three or four new shooters that day. The majority of the docs own and/or carry. We also made a couple of block of faux ballistic gel and let them shoot it to see the bullet channel.

    This might be the only time a hospital has paid for ammunition and sent their docs out to use it :-).

  6. Yeah, why bother with going through the hassle and inconvenience checking a gun with TSA when you can just rent one at the airport to carry while you’re at your destination? :)

  7. The AMA are the enemies of Liberty. You wanna know one big reason why medical costs are so high? Supply and demand. The AMA has a very few number of schools that they will allow to be accredited, and they will only allow those schools to admit so many people per year, and of those, they will only allow so many to graduate. I read once, from Larry Elder or John Stossel or somebody, that they’ve been doing this since 1926, when the number of graduates was set at 50,000. As of the date that book was published, like 2006, that number was, you guessed it, 50,000. That’s why you see so many doctors that barely speak English, because they’re from Pakistan or the Caribbean or some place, because it’s very hard to get into a US medical school if you’re an American Citizen. This increases the price of schooling, and increases the overhead of doctors, limits the number of doctors available, and thus, increases the price of all medical care.

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