Firerams on Public Land

Looks like Senator Crapo has decided to put some pressure on Interior to change their no guns policy.

NRA initiated and worked closely with Senator Crapo on this letter and appreciate his bipartisan effort to get 47 Senators to sign a letter to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne requesting a change in policy allowing state law to govern the carrying and transportation of firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges, as in the case of national forests and BLM lands. We have been working for nearly five years to change this policy and applaud the strong Senate support for this policy change expressed in this letter.

Good!  It’s a stupid policy anyway.  Hopefully Interior will see the light.

2 thoughts on “Firerams on Public Land”

  1. This was a major point of emphasis early this year in the VCDL, but has virtually disappeared from the radar, presumably because of so much happening in other RKBA areas. It seems odd that this letter would be coming out without the VCDL leadership’s awareness. *shrug*

    I’m happy to see Senator Webb’s signature on the letter. I’m disappointed at the absence of Senator Warner’s.

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