What A Crowd

Looks like Ray Schoenke’s been roaming all over Ohio talking to crowds of adoring fans.  Take a look at the accompanying picture on the right of that article.  I’ve spoken to groups bigger than this, and I’m just an NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator, with no professional sports record on my background.  Granted, I’ve had my failures with turnout too, but I’m not pretending to be a big deal.  I’m definitely not pretending to be a group that’s going to save the Democrats from the mean, nasty NRA.

4 thoughts on “What A Crowd”

  1. “I’ve spoken to groups bigger than this, and I’m just an NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator” hahahahaha!

    And I bet half of the folks attending were just curious to go see someone who honestly believes Barack Obama is pro-gun.

    Shoenke was scheduled (not sure when exactly) to stop in Orlando. If I wasn’t so busy this time of year, I’d definitely attend. Of course, I’d show up wearing an NRA shirt.

  2. I remember showing up at the Willard Hotel in DC to speak to a group of about 125 folks. I had parked in the basement garage and taken the elevator to the lower level ballroom. There was no one in the room. Time passed and still no audience. Worrying that I had misunderstood where the meeting was, I went upstairs and found all the attendees watching a movie being shot. It was the remake of “Born Yesterday” with Melanie Griffin, Don Johnson and John Goodman. I forgave them for not being in the meeting room. I even peed in a urinal next to Fred Thompson!

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