Shirley Katz Update

Looks like the judge ruled against her:

“The District policy applies to only employees and others working for the District. The policy is known to those persons in advance. They accept their jobs subject to, and knowing, the policy.

ORS 166.170 does not prohibit the District from enacting the challenged employment policy. The District has the right to enforce its policy.”

Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

3 thoughts on “Shirley Katz Update”

  1. Not unexpected but certainly indefensible. Policy is not a magic word that negates law, nor the right of self defense, nor the rights of the citizen. Somebody on another blog suggested that perhaps “policy” would not be such a magic word if the school board declared restrooms for non-whites separate but equal to restrooms reserved for whites only.

    Using the weasel wording of “knew the policy” should then make this perfectly legal should the school board so declare this to be their policy. Does anyone really believe “policy”(‘s) magic would be so upheld by the court then? Or that it should be?

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