4 thoughts on “Gun Rights Dominates Social Media”

  1. That’s a cause, not an effect, BTW. Social media is the way we’re going to get around the gatekeepers who try and portray gun ownership as “outside the mainstream”. Plus, it’s an excellent way to organize diffusely. The enemies of freedom chose to concentrate on the gatekeeperes – which made sense in 1980. Not so much 30 years later.

  2. If you crunch the numbers, that equals 17.5% of the NRA’s avg membership of about 4m. To have an equal percentage for the BC, they’ld have to have about 70,000 members/supporters. That’s a far cry from their claimed “150,000 online grassroots advocates” but much closer to the more commonly cited 50K

  3. I think this is especially damning evidence of the lack of the Brady Bunch’s so-called “silent majority.” The NRA is typically seen as an organization of older white men, who theoretically wouldn’t be into this modern social networking “fad,” while the anti-gunners would presumably count the generally young, liberal, and hence tech-savvy, crowd as supporters. I know this is just a stereotype, but even if it’s only partially true (which I think is reasonable), the fact that NRA supporters outnumber BC supporters by 50 to 1 is pretty significant.

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