5 thoughts on “Magazine Change”

  1. That course of fire depends more on the shooter than the equipment. I could beat both of those times with 10 round magazines and probably with only five rounds in each magazines.

    Of course nearly all course of fire depend more on the shooter than the equipment.

    If they want improve public safety they need to restrict people who are a danger to others rather than the tools used.

  2. My primary thought watching the video was ‘damn, those guys are slow’. Any given USPSA match will have a number of guys who could shred those times. A more scientific way would be to have the same shooter do both, and break it down by the split times on the timer.

  3. DirtCrashr,

    I don’t have much experience reloading revolvers so I can’t do that very fast. If I had enough revolvers that I didn’t have to reload, then sure it would be a piece of cake.


    Exactly. Typical rule of thumb for me is to add up the number of rounds required and divide by two to get the number of seconds. That assumes some movement and targets greater than 15 feet away. If the targets are closer and little or no movement is required you can divide by three or four. I think I could run that course of fire two different ways (standing still and shooting all targets from a single position or moving like they did) in about eight seconds including a draw from the holster.

    Add in a reload and it would take me about 10 seconds (or a little less because the reload would be combined with the target acquisition time that was required anyway). Two reloads and we have 11 to 12 seconds. Three reloads and we are looking at right at 13 seconds.

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