Taking The Magazine Ban Seriously

Sean notices that there doesn’t appear to be any great run on magazines. If McCarthy’s bill started to move, I’d probably stock up, but I have most of the magazines I need currently. One habit I got into with the AWB, is when you pick up a new gun that takes a new magazine, order five or so magazines for it. I suspect many people got in similar habits.

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  1. I was at the same gun show Sean went to. I was there Saturday.

    Run on magazines? Nope.

    Run on ammo? From the cheaper vendors, absolutely.

    Way, WAY more people there than normal? Oh mais oui. Note, however, that the weather was much better than it has been in the last few weeks, and that could be a factor.

    I got my “5 Magpul 30 rounders for $60” deal that I usually get, and was happy.

  2. People keep assuring me that this is going nowhere, but the drum-beat in the media is scaring the crap out of me… and I live in a AWB state already.

  3. I was watching Geraldo last night, a rerun they do way early in the morning because no one is awake at 4am and you have 2 reps, don’t know if they were house members or senators. But one was an African American democrat from Maryland and from the way she was talking she’ll be a co-sponsor.

    You can tell the media really, REALLY wants this. As well as the free speech killing bill. I’m worried this might actually get a vote.

  4. Does/did anyone really think that she would be able to get anything passed?

  5. When you say “5 magazines”, you mean five cases of magazines, right? Mags are perishable.

    Buy them cheap, stack them deep.

  6. I give any gun control bill about zero percent chance of passing during the 112th. The MSM will throw a temper tantrum for a few weeks but eventually the clamor for more restrictions will fade.

  7. I feel like the only moron gun owner that doesn’t have a 30 round magazine. I have enough trouble sitting in the car already!!

    Maybe I better get with the program.

  8. RE: media drumbeat. I listened to this while waiting for my wife to get out of an appointment:

    Robert Levy was cut off by the station break at least twice. He did make an effort to get himself back into the conversation. Good man.

    The other guests were Helmke (disagree, but he’s usually at least pleasant), McCarthy (haterage), and Tracee Larson. Tracee deserves special attention, she was billed as a “gun blogger” but supports the ban because for her SD and hunting needs 5 rounds is enough.

    The arguments were largely based on why does anyone “need” a 30 round magazine. None of the callers challenged this, both sides were operating on hypotheticals.

    I normally don’t listen to call in shows. I get enough of the “everyman” view from blog and fourm comments, but this scares me. People listening to NPR at 1500 on a Monday really are that fucking stupid and they have the spare time to share their inane thoughts.

  9. I’m not much of a hoarder. I have more AR-15 and AK magazines than I could possibly carry… but for other guns I have, I don’t feel the need to hoard huge numbers of magazines, because I hardly ever shoot them.

  10. Shootin’ Buddy-

    I got my usual deal, but I didn’t stop at just one “5 for $60” handful of mags – make no mistake. :)

    In fact I went way… WAY over budget. Like “wouldn’t you really rather buy a REALLY nice optic instead of bags full of onesey-twosey stuff?” over budget.

  11. I’ll stock up in February. I do have numerous 20 and 30 round magazines but I can use some more. Only 12 30s for my ARs and 6 for my AKs. 12 more 20s for the ARs and I prefer them to the 30s for range trips. Only 2 20s for the AKs. I need more than 9 FAL mags but I’m stacked 20+ deep on G3 20 rounders.

    My view is I want one battle load of magazines always on hand per rifle stored separate from stuff I use routinely. So I am way low on AK mags and need to stock on them and others.

    My standard pistol capacity is 8 and have a good number there. Everything else is bolt action.

    Not paranoid but I like to segregate and as another poster says, “Stack it deep”. I’m also a hoarder as my rifle and ammo collection advertises.

  12. Have you all heard about the Surefire 60 and 100 round mags? AWESOME. Coming out in April / May time period.

  13. Thanks for the link Sebastian. Have you been to the Allentown gun show? The part I liked best about the Raleigh show was how I actually had room to move around. The A-town show packs too many people into too small an area. I wish I had the spare cash for that 5 for $60 deal that Exodus mentioned. The show was torture for me. Way too many cool things I wanted and no money.

    I didn’t look too much at ammo since I reload. The only factory stuff I have is .22 and my .45 Hydrashok. My friend’s dad noted that there was a lot of .380 to choose from and ultimately found .380 Hydrashok, which he hadn’t been able to find anywhere else. There were 3 or 4 reloader supply people. It was awesome.

  14. Eh, I went and picked up two Glock 33rd mags just because I could, even though I don’t have a gun for them right now (I gave my Glock 26 and SUB-2000 to my sister and brother-in-law as a wedding gift). I’m not sure if I’ll get a gun for them or not, but it felt good to go and do something that horrifies all the right people.

    Unrelatedly: what are OEM BHP mags made of? Platinum and fairy dust? The day I pay $75 for a 13rd pistol mag is the day after I get a chrome BHP and have it engraved like Maria from Fallout: New Vegas.

  15. I work occasionally in a local gun shop and at least two of the nationwide distributors that we use have told us that they have sold out of high-cap mags within the last week. Now, by high-cap, I’m talking about the 20+ round capacity mags. So, you’re standard 17-rd Glock G17 mag is not affected.

  16. “Buy it cheap and stack it deep” is a great philosophy, but it runs into trouble when you have guns with mags that start at thirty bucks a pop for well used, and others in the fifty-sixty per range. Or, in the case of one of mine, $150/ea., well used/possibly broken.

    Wolfwood – skip branded OEM, just get MecGar. They’re OEM for Browning.

  17. I dunno, I took a trip on my day off yesterday to the largest gun store in my state. They were noticably light on stock, especially used guns and cheaper new. As a matter of fact, they had exactly ONE .380 in stock, a rasberry Ruger LCP. Used guns looked picked clean. I went to the same shop a few days after Obama was elected and even then the shelves were not this bare. It’s possible that because I live in a “blue” state that just elected an antigun governor and attorney general who are talking about more state level gun restrictions people are more worried then those in free America.

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