3D Printed AR Magazine

It’s only a five rounder, but it would seem other people are getting the idea. In our project to make a 30 round magazine for an M11 submachine gun, we found that the ABS plastic the Makerbot uses to be a bit too flexible for a 30 round magazine. At some point, Jason and I will get around to test firing the design we worked on. But this is pretty neat, considering this 5 round AR mag uses a plastic spring also made on the 3D printer. Our magazine used a metal spring that was from a broken magazine.

8 thoughts on “3D Printed AR Magazine”

  1. How did you run the plastic? IIRC the stacked section approach you showed looked like you were running the load across the layer lines in what ought to be the weak direction.

  2. Sebastian,

    Have you thought about making the magazine in halves and reinforcing with a layer of fiberglass, then ‘glassing the halves together? Not as elegant as a complete magazine, but maybe effective.

  3. You gotta wonder if the last factory on earth won’t close up for good within ten years as we all just change over to downloading the programs to print whatever object it is we want on our home-model 3D printer. That is about the coolest thing ever!

  4. That’s really neat. Technology changes everything and it’s all moving at such a fast pace. It’s only a matter of time before manufacturing changes forever. One day we might be able to print our own working firearms.

  5. I don’t know about the actual future, but the extrapolated tech is giving near-future RPG designers game-balance fits, judging from the (deliberate) hobbling of it in Shadowrun.

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