McCarthy Magazine Ban

Carolyn McCarthy, who doesn’t even know what a barrel shroud is, has proposed new limits to be placed on magazine capacity.   Gun Laws News has the details on H.R. 1859.   Did anyone check to see if she knows what a magazine is?

Can someone tell me how having 10 rounds in a magazine makes a firearm any less lethal?  It takes a few seconds to change a magazine.  The Virginia Tech killer would have had to carry three magazines instead of two?  Pardon me if this sounds rather useless.

The good news is, the bill has no cosponsors, and it’s been two days.  Typically legislation that has legs will have a lot of cosponsors right out of the gate.  We’ll see if she can manage to guilt some of her colleagues onto the bill, but it looks to me like it doesn’t have legs.   Still worth a letter to your Congress Critter though.

5 thoughts on “McCarthy Magazine Ban”

  1. Below is my letter to my Congress critter.


    Do not support any gun control initiatives because of this monstrous event.

    Do not publicly sympathize with the families of the victims or the victims if you are not prepared to correct the conditions that made this incident inevitable.

    There were and are students of Va. Tech who had a license to carry concealed, Va. also is an open carry state. Yet this monster was the most powerful person everywhere he walked because school policy made him so. School policy required all students who were not willing to risk expulsion to be unarmed and helpless in the face of such assault. They were.

    School policy enabled this monster to kill more than 30 people and wound as many more. School policy, not even state law, not even federal law, mandated that every student, but the killer, be murder victims.

    Va. Tech requires helplessness of its students, it is required for their safety? Well that worked out well didn’t it?

    If you truly do find this act reprehensible you will work to remove the impediments of defense of self and others and the impediments of access and bearing of the tools of that defense.

    I say to all who will not do such that they are pleased with what happened 16 Apr 07, despite their protestation to the contrary. Don’t give me any more damn words. Do the right thing. Remove the impediments to the observation and practice of the second amendment. We have enough proof that helplessness is not a security measure.

    All who call for stricter security measures at the expense of liberty and/or call for more gun control are not honest brokers for the American people. They are profiteers. Profiteers who cannot profit from a self-reliant populace. It is time to stop the madness and quit prohibiting the tools of defense to the good people.

    Mad as all Hell
    (my signature)

  2. This is the same thing one of my friends discussed with me the other night. He was under the impression that whatever that idiot used allowed him to kill more people because there were more rounds in that magazine. He said something about it being a magazine that was banned until that assault weapon ban expired. So he was all for something that limited the number of rounds in a magazine. I then pointed out that the guy could have just carried more magazines and done the same damage.. and he didn’t get it still. This seems to be an issue a “common” person will pick up on, because it sounds good. But then, sounds good and is good are two different things.

  3. The magazine portion of the assault weapons ban never really mattered anyway. You could still possess, buy and sell them. They just made it illegal to make new ones. They were plentiful and cheap for all but a few firearms.

  4. Well, at least she (or whoever wrote the legislation) used the word magazine and not clip.

    The democrats should have learned that fighting the 2nd Amendment is a loosing battle for them. They blame anything and everything except the actual person that did the crime. Instead they glorify that person by putting him on TV and saying it wasn’t his fault that he was deranged; it was his parents, it was the video games, it was the gun. This socialists commies have no understanding of personal responsibility and accountability.

  5. I’ll believe they believe what they say when they incarcerate the guns and let the killers go without charges. Otherwise, they are just angling to control the rest of us and using an excuse. My condition for belief and their actual position are equally insane. However, I am not prepared to believe they believe until they actually punish the inanimate object and immunize all people from criminal charges as long as there are tools which can be punished.

    Nuts, huh? But hey, it’s their story. I didn’t make any of it up, I just think they should act like they believe it if they continue to try to convince us they do and that we should.

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