David Kopel on Tucson in Philly from Colorado

Today, Dave Kopel was featured as a guest on the local NPR affiliate discussing gun control with John Donohue from Stanford. I didn’t see the heads up about the interview until after it started, and then I spent probably 10 minutes trying to figure out how to work our radio and trying to find the NPR station. When I finally noticed the live broadcast online, I did catch the last half of it.

The first bit I heard was from John Donohue essentially arguing the NRA is to blame for shootings, then he ended on some comment about Southerners being easy targets to steal guns from their homes. Offensive on so many levels. Anyway, I just downloaded the piece that end about an hour ago and uploaded it here. I haven’t even listened to the first half yet because I’m still not happy about the portion I heard. (Though, Dave is an amazing man with patience who can still firmly hold our position throughout an interview.) Also, I have bread to check on and lunch to grab. So, enjoy and add your own commentary until I decide to sit down for the whole thing.

Dave Kopel on Philly NPR

UPDATE (By Sebastian): I have to congratulate Dave for getting Donahue to make a long anecdotal argument, then say we shouldn’t make anecdotal arguments when he was confronted with facts.

UPDATE (By Sebastian): Donahue apparently blames Chris Cox for the financial crisis. A shame for him it’s not the same Chris Cox. He doesn’t even have basic facts right.*

3 thoughts on “David Kopel on Tucson in Philly from Colorado”

  1. Wow, John Donohue is a dickhead. I’ve listened to the first third or so, and some of the things he’s saying are just… wow.

  2. What an infuriating asshole. I understand why he wants to ban guns. He is afraid that someone will take offense at something he says and hurt him. Too bad for his cause we are much nicer people than he pretends we are.

  3. Donahue’s only response to any of Kopel’s arguments seemed to be either Kopel didn’t listen, or Kopel doesn’t get it, or Kopel’s argument is silly or ludicrous. He just ignores or denies everything Kopel says.

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