ABC Pushing Brady Agenda

Not biased. No. Not at all. Newsbusters mentioned:

Again, she was speaking to the assistant director of legislative affairs for the Brady Campaign. This is a group that opposed the historic 2008 Supreme Court decision declaring the Second Amendment an individual right. To describe one of their representatives as “not anti-gun” strains credibility.

Without a doubt. This comes to us via Cam Edwards, who no doubt will be talking about this on his show tonight. They are just nice people, you see, looking for common sense solutions to gun violence. They aren’t gun hating zealots. Heavens no.

2 thoughts on “ABC Pushing Brady Agenda”

  1. I think at this point credibility wasn’t strained, it was knifed in the kidneys and tossed in a dumpster.

  2. The news here is that they can afford to have an assistant director of anything…. Unless that is what they call their interns these days.

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