Mandatory Health Care

For your own good you see.   From Les Jones.  Everyone has their line in the sand, and this kind of crap that John Edwards is talking about is getting dangerously close to mine.  Go to the doctor, or we’ll send in the SWAT team to drag you there?

It it comes to that, I’m going to start a secession movement.

7 Responses to “Mandatory Health Care”

  1. Joseph says:

    As will I. I’m seriously thinking of buying an island in Fiji if I ever get enough cash.

  2. straightarrow says:

    Not me. I’ll stay here and shoot it out.

  3. GeorgeH says:

    Ann Althouse points out that in context, he seems to be calling for mandatory psych evaluations as well as physicals.

    ‘ Edwards said his mandatory health care plan would cover preventive, chronic and long-term health care. The plan would include mental health care as well as dental and vision coverage for all Americans.’

    “So, the mental health check is mandatory too? Why does he not even realize how bad that sounds? He’s so warmed up about the generous benefits he’s promising that he doesn’t even hear the repressiveness in his own statements.”

  4. Sebastian says:

    It’s good to see John Edwards supports a free society.

  5. Smacklug says:

    It means that if it’s mandatory to get checked like that if you want universal health care, dude. It’s stupid, I know, but not OMG DICTATORSHIP or anything.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Well, when government officials are forcing me to go to the doctor, or get mental health evaluation, can you explain to me how I would not be, at that point, justified, in lobbying Pennsylvania to secede from the United States.

    I mean, maybe it’s not Joe Stalin, but it’s certainly not a free society.

  7. straightarrow says:

    It is Joe Stalin.