A New Challenge for Pro-Gun Efforts

RIP Sen. Michael O’Pake

In 2008, Sen. O’Pake was A rated and endorsed by NRA. It’s not uncommon for a Democrat outside of the Philly area, but it is still notable because he represented an area with a very high number of hardcore MAIG mayors.

Gun owners need to get involved in the Democratic Party efforts to fill the seat at primary time. In addition to being a likely solid blue district, the local GOP doesn’t seem to give much thought to gun rights based on the attitudes of the last two challengers. In 2004, the Republican refused to even respond to NRA’s questionnaire. In 2008, the GOP candidate received a whooping C-. Hopefully, local gun owners can make sure the candidate looking to fill the seat are both pro-gun by putting pressure on the local leadership and candidate hopefuls in both parties.

Losing a pro-gun Democratic Whip in the Senate when it is the GOP senators causing the hold up with Castle Doctrine could make it harder to pass as a clean bill next session. We’ll really need to boost our efforts and outreach with other friendly members of the minority and majority parties who will stand up for our rights against the leadership.

In the meantime, our thoughts certainly go out to Sen. O’Pake’s family and friends.

One thought on “A New Challenge for Pro-Gun Efforts”

  1. A true loss.

    When I was a Scoutmaster, for any Eagle Scout Court of Honor… Other politicians would send a nice letter… Not Michael O’Pake… He would always be there in person.

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