DCCC Running Anti-Gun Ads for Lentz

If I were a Pennsylvania blue dog, I’d be livid that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was running this ad. This was run during the Phillies game on Saturday. This goes to show that we absolutely have to make sure that Lentz doesn’t win a congressional seat:

Interesting they show a submachine gun as an assault rifle, isn’t it? And interesting how the supposed loophole has nothing to do with either assault rifles or submachine guns. But when has the truth ever been an obstacle for gun haters like Lentz?

If you want to help the Meehan campaign, and please do, you can donate here, or volunteer here. He needs help. We have to win this one.

UPDATE: You know, this isn’t even a federal issue. This is a state issue. But how many people realize that?

11 Responses to “DCCC Running Anti-Gun Ads for Lentz”

  1. Vince Lyons says:

    The only part of your post that I disagree with is that it’s a state issue. The fact is, it’s not an issue at all but a fabrication of an alledged problem that doesn’t even exist.

    As Tom Corbett rightly explained “closing the ‘Florida Loophole’ is a solution in search of a problem.

    Sad as it may be, there will be voters out there who will believe this garbage.

    Frankly, I’m amazed that TV networks permit such garbage.

    How, just how can any ‘convicted criminal’ legally even posess a gun at all let alone carry an “assault rifle”.

  2. Sebastian says:

    A better word might have been “state controversy,” rather than issue. I agree this is a solution in search of a problem.

  3. Jeff Dege says:

    What an astoundingly counter-productive opening line.

    “This is a deadly assault rifle”.

    No, it’s not.

    And the problem is that most of the audience is going to immediately respond with “no, it’s not.”

    Followed by “it’s somebody lying to us about guns, again.”

    Which is probably not how they want their audience to respond.

    Don’t they focus-group these things?

  4. Sebastian says:

    You think the average non-gun owner knows the definition of an assault rifle? I would wager they don’t. I would wager gun ownership rates in the 7th district are below national and state averages to.

    Not saying this ad is going to work, but quite a lot of voters still have the ignorance being played to here.

  5. Mobo says:

    Ok, so now if you are denied a permit in PA because of unpaid parking tickets, you are a “convicted criminal”! This commercial is so outrageous I puked in my mouth!

    The worst thing is that this will stand unchallenged. A few of us might try to set the record straight by writing letters to editorial boards,etc, but nobody is listening. Criminals are getting permits to carry firearms by mail order and that’s all there is to it.

  6. Vince Lyons says:

    This scumball will be debating Meehan on PCN at 18:00. Hopefully Meehan steps on his neck.

  7. Thirdpower says:

    They are certainly everything they can to continue the belief that Dem’s are for more gun control.

  8. Shawn says:

    I have yet to see one anti-gun political ad where I live. But except in one town it would be political suicide. Even from the DCCC. This is AZ though.

    Now HSUS has been running ads against prop 109 but there ad is lacking in facts, as usual and just imply things.

    This ad is totally dependent on viewer ignorance. But they are running it nonetheless. I think because they feel they can still get away with it in PA.

  9. Sterling Archer says:

    “I would wager gun ownership rates in the 7th district are below national and state averages to.”

    I don’t know about that. Everyone I know who lives in the 7th has at LEAST one firearm. Some (like me) have many, many more.

    I think the problem is that people don’t realize how precarious their gun rights truly are. We haven’t had any new restrictions on our 2A rights for a long time and people have gotten complacent. I’d like to thank the DCCC for highlighting where the reprehensible Bryan Lentz stands on the issue. Hopefully this commercial will prove to be the boost that Meehan needs.

  10. DirtCrashr says:

    They’re trying to pull similar double-negative BS on Carly Fiorina here. “She’s not against a scary assault weapon ban!” (picture of AK47)…

  11. Spade says:

    This reminded me that I need to go buy a semi Uzi.