Socialists Dealing Guns Illegally

The Chairman of the Socialist Party in Germany, a party that is avowedly pacifist and supports prohibiting civilian possession of firearms, stands accused of illegally selling machine guns. Interestingly enough, the German media seems to somewhat get the distinction between a machine gun and a submachine gun. Almost. The Uzi they mention is also a submachine gun. But our media would probably have called the AK-47 a submachine gun, or just said all the guns were AK-47s.

4 Responses to “Socialists Dealing Guns Illegally”

  1. Ed says:

    As long as the guns are made by the state and remain state property and are equally distributed, there is no internal conflict with socialism, except, of course, that the people could use the guns to get rid of socialism. But why would they want to do that?

  2. MicroBalrog says:

    The writing says:

    ComSoMol members! Prepare to defend the USSR! Learn to shoot well!

  3. Diomed says:

    He was selling them to enthusiasts? Sounds like a capitalist. There’s the real sin as far as the party’s concerned.

    If he’d been selling them to criminals or revolutionaries, that would be different.

  4. Bram says:

    German National Socialists did invent the assualt rifle and perfect the machine pistol – so they should know the difference.


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