Bryan Lentz Loses the Teamsters

Nobody can say that politics is boring this year. We’ve got angry independents, tea parties, bumbling Republicans, Democrats who can’t even get people to remember they are on the ballot, and outside groups pouring money into Pennsylvania to try and shake things up (or keep them the same – depending on their interests).

The Teamsters just withdrew their endorsement of Bryan Lentz in PA-7 yesterday. This can’t be good for him.

The district was represented by a Republican until 2006 when the FBI announced an investigation surrounding the GOP incumbent right before election day. The race had not been on anyone’s radar until that point. Suddenly, the Republican was booted out and the investigation lead to absolutely squat. Since then, it seems to have highlighted just how far left the primary counties in the district have gone. Even in a landmark year like this, polling hasn’t put the Republican former US Attorney terribly far ahead. Charlie Cook has it as a Lean R and Larry Sabato has it as a Toss-Up.

But, that said, Lentz can’t afford to lose any votes. And having a major Democratic interest group tell its members that they shouldn’t bother voting for you? Well, that’s not good. In fact, I would argue that a withdrawn endorsement is probably worse than having never had an endorsement at all, though I admit to not having much to back that up rather than gut feeling and a general knowledge of how NRA members would likely handle it if it happened on our issue.

With this news just adding to the excitement, I guess I should go buy some popcorn. Think they have the Christmas tubs on sale yet? This is going to be one very amusing election night.

5 thoughts on “Bryan Lentz Loses the Teamsters”

  1. It must be Spelling Day here:

    “been on anyone’s radar until that point. Suddenly, the Republican was booted out and the investigation lead to absolutely squat. ”

    …led to…

    1. Shockingly, it sometimes happens. Are you willing to be an on-demand editor for no pay? It’s one thing to point out an error, it’s another thing to fill comments with bitchy remarks about typos that don’t drastically change the meaning of the posts.

  2. The english lanquage is a tough one and mistakes should be expected. Way, Weigh. To, Too, Two. There, their, they’re. Lead, led and lead. Witch, which. Fix the fricking stupid english rules..

    It should be a telefone. Pnemonia with silent P? Who writes this crap?

    Bitter, MOST people and I get more annoyed by the “Perfect Writer Police.”
    Officer Peter checking in.

    1. Heh, I loathe mistakes with they’re/there/their just because the meanings are so radically different. It’s actually tough for me to keep reading when I see that one. Lead vs. led was just a habit of typically typing lead more often than led, and I don’t exactly put a big emphasis on proofing quickie posts like these. With that, I’m going to let the typo stand just so Peter’s panties will remain twisted this Friday.

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