Another DCCC Attack Ad

This one is incredulous that these dangerous tea party types actually believe the federal government’s powers are limited to those constitutionally enumerated:

This is running in Colorado. These people are utterly incredulous that anyone would have to audacity to tell them their power is limited. We need to beat these totalitarians roundly next week.

10 thoughts on “Another DCCC Attack Ad”

  1. It sure does and it sure is. As I said earlier, not all is what it appears. Holman isn’t a threat to the Da as much as he is to the Rs. He’s the libertarian party candidate, and this ad appeals directly – in a back handed way – to folks that aren’t going to vote D.

    Chalk this up as an attempt to get tea party voters to vote for the tea party/libertarian guy and not for the Republican who stands a chance of winning

  2. He’s running in Colorado 3, a seat held by blue dog democrat John Salazar ( brother of the Sec of Interior Ken Salazar). Salazar beat his Republican opponent pretty easily last time, but is currently trailing by a few points. If he can confuse just a few voters, subliminally through deceptive ads like this, he stands a chance at re- election.

  3. Ah… I wasn’t familiar with the district or candidate. So really this is an attempt to raise an the guy’s profile and legitimacy by attacking him.

  4. Yep. And attack him in a way that would drive your opponents supporters to him.

  5. Hopefully they are more successful at it than they think and all the votes fly his way. I’d vote for him just because of that ringing endorsement.

  6. As someone (Crotalus) commented at Kevin’s, “The Constitution is a Restraining Order – and our politicians and those in power treat it the same way that common criminals treat standard restraining orders.

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