Gun Owners Challenge Lentz

Lentz was pushing his bill in Upper Darby, but ran into a good bit of opposition from gun owners.

In her testimony, Lt. Lisa King, commander of the Philadelphia Police gun-permit unit, said that there is no way to tell if those 3,100 have been denied a permit in Pennsylvania because Florida will not provide police with their names.

“I fundamentally have a problem, that Pennsylvania allows another state to dictate who can carry a concealed-carry permit here and not tell us the names,” said state Rep. Josh Shapiro, D-Montgomery. “Whether you’re in the NRA or CeaseFire PA . . . we would all be better suited having Pennsylvania laws govern [here].”

So is Shapiro really coming out against reciprocity here? Because I can’t think of anything that’s going to piss us off more than that. I am one of the 3100 people, and I also have a PA LTC. I suspect that’s the case with the vast majority of this small number of people. As I said previously, if Philadelphia wants to have us push to remove all of its discretion in LTC issuance, it can feel free to push the Lentz bill. Otherwise we’re going to make the criteria completely objective, so that we can be sure that there is no room for the city to deny or revoke permits based on bogus criteria.

I am very glad Florida won’t turn over the names. I can guarantee they’ll appear in the Inquirer or Daily News if that happens. PA LTC’s are private, and there’s no reason to expect less from the State of Florida.

3 thoughts on “Gun Owners Challenge Lentz”

  1. I have my PA LTCF and UTAH CFP. The Utah permit was FAR more difficult to get. In addition, the Utah BCI (State Police) run my name through their computers on a DAILY basis to see if I have been convicted of any felonies. The operative word here is “Convicted”. To A$$holes like Lentz and Shapiro an arrest is a conviction. I would hope that a former prosecutor like Bryan Lentz would know the difference but that is asking too much from a kool-aid drinking marxist.

    You are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law….unless you live in Philadelphia…or elitist A$$holes like Bryan Lentz say so.

  2. So let me get this straight: you are somehow evading Pennsylvania Law by getting a Florida or Utah permit, which is recognized by Pennsylvania Law as valid? Simply because you could get one of those permits, but not a Pennsylvania one?

    Isn’t that like saying you are evading Pennsylvania Law because you were denied a Pennsylvania Driver’s License, but then go to Florida or Utah (which may have different–but not necessarily easier–issuance restrictions), which are recognized by Pennsylvania Law?

  3. Drivers licenses typically have residency requirements. Out of state permits exist so that I, as a resident of a non-free state, can nevertheless carry in a free state that issues non-resident permits. Some states only recognize permits issued to residents of the issuing state.

    Reciprocity is a legal hack around stupidity.

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